Neila Rodriguez

Confidence & Self Belief, W-L Balance

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How I work and what I offer:

✨I work in a 1:1 conversation through zoom, where you will feel heard, and you will gain insights that will help you move forward towards your goals.

✨This is about Y O U and your goals, and turning your vision into reality.

I can help you with more aspects of your life other than achieving your goals. I.e. Improving your self – esteem, Increasing Confidence, Building Self Believe, Personal Empowerment, Personal Growth, Work – Life Balance, Career development. Direction, Motivation, and Drive.

⭐️My main goal:
To help you achieve greater success, happiness and wellbeing. Increasing your confidence and truly believing in yourself so you become a “goal getter”.

I have found that most people come to me to “fix their lives”, often without knowing where to go or what to do next, and they walk away with an increased confidence and self esteem that helps them transforming their lives.

⭐️My mantra:

Advanced Life Coach Practitioner

Group Coaching

Accident & Emergency MSc

Nursing BSc

Coming from a nursing and education background, I have always been passionate about helping others. I am now an Advanced Accredited Life Coach, which allows me to help people discovering and reaching their full potential, so they can transform their lives.

I have been a Life Coach for 4  years, started coaching leaders in Health Care areas. Helping them increase their confidence, improve their work life balance, and remembering to believe in themselves, moving on to achieving their goals, changing jobs, career, overcoming obstacles and living a happier and more fulfilled life.

Let’s arrange a free consultation and let’s talk about how could I help you getting to your desired reality.

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